Music Project

Imagine a day or a night together with family, friends, relatives, neighbors and future friends or business partners at one particular place for various distinguished reasons unity, togetherness, knowledge, fun, business and life experiences all accounted under one concert.

Our plan is to hold day or night events in several regions, which means that the people get to share their experiences with people from distant areas.


  • The movement involves community service of blood donating campaigns on the day activities to encourage people to show up early donate blood and enjoy the rest of the concert.
  • HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, to motivate and catalyze the awareness programs that are already running in the communities by including them on all events meanwhile paying for the health staffs from the raised funds. This way news gets across the main target population which is the youth who are most likely to be in risky situations, in fear of testing, inaccessibility to testing areas, little time to go for testing and not well informed on the disease as well as the services provided for it.
  • Health tips and campaigns. We are working with various health organizations by supporting their community campaigns on either combating epidemic disease or on delivering knowledge on better life hygiene. 
  • Delivering the spirit of volunteering and giving back to the communities as one of our major objectives, we have a dream that one day the number of internal volunteers should be on equivalent base compared to the external/international volunteers in Tanzania. It is possible and attainable only that we need to be enlightened on how good is the feeling of knowing you helped in making your community better by actually spending some of your time in it. We plan  to establish clubs and groups in school and universities for their respective communities and may be every month they will volunteer in one project. It will not be single entity organization but it will be incorporated to several other projects in different regions and supported by other businesses and customer oriented institutions.
  • Fundamental principles of a good society are strictly observed and promoted such as peace, love, harmony and unity as one community. We are in pursuit of a proper and great founded nation from the family basis. we feel responsible whenever we encounter fellow youths from our neighboring countries who actually prefer to share his/her time with us than with their fellow youth of their nationality. A better community opens up a better nation then a better world.
  • We had set up a cultural centre where previews of various cultures though films, arts, literature and performance is highly encouraged and conducted throughout the year with the permanent purpose of donating funds to the pressing matters in our communities. We have hosted community cultural previews and so far it is a life changing experience to get to see how others see and feel life. Furthermore this place (Glacier Inn – Moshi) is acting as the point of origin for all other fundraising events as well as the official physical address of the “One Community” projects.

Contributions to the community:

  • Promotion of infrastructures like community local roads, dispensaries, hospital buildings, police stations, building school classes, teaching and learning materials, social community projects like irrigation systems, bee keeping, forest conservation projects. Through donating the funds accumulated from the social events and fundraising done in their own communities, we can offer help.
  • Promotion of nationalism, ideologies of self realization to the working ones and the youth in all their daily performances they should work creatively and help ease the hard ships in their communities however they can.
  • Promotion of peace, unity and harmony to the people of the Tanzania, one community calls for a general objective of all societies and that is staying together through reduction of life hard ship, society setbacks and promotion of happy moments through social events and gatherings
  • Promotion of culture from within Tanzania and outside Tanzania. It will be a special project that connects artists and other people across the globe. We plan to host international artist on charity basis and host concerts that will motivate attendees and the local societies as well as promote the culture.
  • Technological exchange and advancement to the Tanzania societies through supporting and developing the individual societies by transferring technologies from other communities that helps advancing service provision. Modern ways of working and amplifying outputs will be applied through seminars, workshop, outreach programs and public supporting project.
  • Supporting other existing project programs in the communities. We have outlined several projects that fits and deserves our attention and support but we are open to all community supporting ideas and projects as we have lived in these societies and have participates in a lot of life changing events for the communities.