One community Tanzania is a locally initiated programme for the support and improvement of low income community members. The programme has so far made a big step in the accommodation sector by linking local families and entrepreneurs with travellers interested in home-stays and small local hostels. We aim for people who want to get to know the Tanzania life and meeting the local youth in a real African setting. Services rendered at these accommodation sites are top-quality based services but at a budget-rate.
We want our friends and travellers who are visiting to get a taste of the real African atmosphere. The foundation of Tanzania Green Homes and Camps and Kilimanjaro Homes and Camps has grown to a network of more than six properties across Tanzania in Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Dar es salaam, Mwanza and Zanzibar.
You can find our Homes at some strategic areas like midtown, in touristic settings like near national parks, in special interest areas and normal budget properties.

If you are looking for an authentic safari experience you can choose for either a traditional tented camp, a hammock, or a simple tent. Campsites are set near a village, at a public/private campsite with amazing views and enriched landscapes. The setting can either be in the wilderness, on a farm, near villages or towns. Our camping services is the answer you are looking for.

Ranging from luxury camping with excellently prepared meals and day-activities, to a budget-tailor-made arrangement. We will help you from the trip organizing step, with sleeping arrangements and first hand involvement to making this experience memorable. We will be happy to include you on the decisions to tailor-make your unforgettable trip. Anywhere, where there is a warm welcome and a wonderful atmosphere we go, whatever choice we make together, we help make it the perfect choice.

Flexibly, we personalise our plans to your suggestions and expectations and polish it to the best effect. We organise caravan camping, school trips camping, volunteer camping, honeymooners, lovers-hide-away, and road trips through all over Eastern African countries. Alternatively, you can be the driver and we provide a professional safari planner and a cook if needed to make everything majestic wherever you may be, alone or with your companions.

We are also one of the believers of great experiences from city-camping activities hence you will enjoy our camps near the cities.