One Community Workshop

We are One Community workshop, we are a divergent wood and metal workshop in terms of technology, needs assessment views and ideas. We conceptualize our community needs in developing products that are actually used in the daily life meanwhile targeting four main perspectives public health, education, social life and economic opportunities.

Through public health we have been researching especially through visiting regularly our local and national hospitals and we collect broken and non-functioning equipment then send them to our workshop for renovations or total modification then give them back to the hospitals on a very low reparations cost. We are very proud of our newly invented physiotherapy tools like wheelchairs, walkers, muscle and body trainers (see gallery).  We have been good at it and now we have decided to upgrade our services.


To make our society greater by bringing technology, local innovations to light and affordability to the local community in theory and practical so as to sustain our daily life needs at our respective economic statuses.


To see a better Tanzanian community with healthy and supportive environment, so that communities sustain themselves especially in innovative technologies and nature friendly developmental projects. 

Education wise we have invented cost-effective school furniture and tried them out on schools and education centres and it has been affective so far, we would love to keep this on roll. 
In social life we have made staging equipment, tables, chairs, stoves, and security items for social events and social areas like public parks and we have several knowledgeable personnel who make musical equipment on an even greater quality than most of the imported equipment. We so believe we can develop this as one of economic sectors from within our societies.
Economically we have researched on other workshops and the local target market, the use of iron and metals have proven to be cost effective, durable, eco-friendly, economically boosting other sleeping sectors like iron mining and agriculture. Through metal workshop we have an open gap to boost many other economic sectors.


Tanzania is among the most blessed countries in the world in the perspective of natural resources, the harmoniously living people makes it even a greater touristic destination. 
It is possessive of marvelous beaches and wild areas, within it we get variety of animal species, birds and insects. We have the pleasure of delivering the outstanding services in trekking (climbing) the  Africa’s highest and the worlds tallest free standing mountain that is the roof of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, alongside Mt Meru and other mountains. We possess the old historical significant areas for both visiting and learning the native cultures. 

  • At the airport, you will be provided with transportation (shuttle) to the destination area and back to the airport on the day of departure. Also there is booking services for airlines (local flights) to and from as requested by the individual person / group. Tanzania has three international airports located on different areas. However, for the convenience of excellence in service provision, to visit the northern tourism circuit you should take flights that lands at the Kilimanjaro international airport (JRO).

  • We offer bookings and reservation services to the travelers according to their reason of coming and the journey they expect to take. We advise that there should be some space of time given before your arrival. At most three month before and at least three weeks before so as to prepare the necessary documents and fix the schedule to be followed. Furthermore, advising you on the best schedule and things to expect on your arrival. We make bookings to hotels, campsites, lodges and transport services according to the kind of services that you deserve and demand.

  • It is a good thing to know what to take on your trip especially with consideration of the time of your visit. Whether for safari, trekking or volunteering in Tanzania, weather conditions may change due to differing seasons of the year. What to take is a question of when you are coming but generally you may need things as those you need on any trip. Several clothes of casual style both warm and light clothes, several t-shirts we can provide our projects t-shirts if you would prefer, walking shorts, trousers, a towel in case of a need, pairs of socks according to your preference, comfortable shoes, under wears, alarm watch, torch/flashlight (with spare batteries), camera (with spare batteries and a memory card with enough space), insects repelant, skin moisturizer, personal first aid kit (with pain killers, stomach problems solution(Imodium), plasters and blisters and any medication for your personal use). In addition, all this we have here in Tanzania for sale so don’t worry.

  • In Tanzania, we have different weather according to different places, altitude, and the time (season) of the year. Between March–May its winter so its wet and cold with temperature ranging between 10 – 20c, between June – August it’s the best time for its temperature is moderate between cool and hot, September – November its little/light rains so its also a good time to visit, December – February its summer time, it’s the hottest time of the year temperature ranges between 25 – 35c, it’s a good time for safaris and trips without weather disturbances and the great migration of animals can be understood at this time. Now what to take is a question of when you are coming but generally, you may need to plan your journey according to the weather, you may seek assistance from us and it will be our pleasure to plan your safari for you.