We offer you the most of your expectations for a safari and expeditions, we cover the whole Tanzanian land including lakes, oceans, national parks, reserved areas, cities and towns, offices and the magnificent islands and beaches. With us, you will have total coverage of places and services of your preference.

In national parks; we offer walking safaris, biking, flying and driving within the parks under the most distinguished weather conditions. Camping in the wilderness, dining with special tables, cuisines, drinks, sleep in lodges/hotels/tents and you will enjoy the natural feeling of being closer to nature and wilderness. A chance to observe the beautiful scenery of sunrise and setting deep in the earth’s horizons, observe the starry skies of Africa from a point of view where there is nothing to disturb your peace of mind. Travel over the famous Serengeti plains in a large gas balloon and fly over the animals and get a clearer and further sightseeing chances that you can’t experience in a car. In addition, you can observe the great migration of thousands of wildebeests moving seasonally which is an extraordinary behavior of these animals, get a chance to take pictures of reality and of great quality.

Visit one of the world’s wonders of nature the Ngorongoro crater which is rich in more animal species than any other park, it’s a caldera but within it life goes on in accordance to nature, you will see various species of animals, reptiles and birds and many other features like hot springs, and native living maasai. Visit the Arusha national park, lake Manyara, Tarangire, Mkomazi, Mikumi, the greatest and the biggest game reserve in Tanzania Selous, Katavi park, Mahale, Ruaha national park, Rungwe game reserve or Gombe game reserve where the Chimpanzee are the greatest companions of nature, researches and expeditions are conducted here on the chimpanzees but enjoyment of tourism exists side by side with the projects. 


Visit the Kilimanjaro mountain national park where you can enjoy the wilderness of the dense forest along its slopes. Stay in Kilimanjaro at the best lodges and camps meanwhile conducting other activities like walking safaris, conservation activities, game drives, native villages visit, enjoy the hot springs and waterfalls. Visit the Saadani national park where the real wilderness meets with the sea, here you have the chance to see many animals including elephants and giraffes. When in Dar es salaam either on pleasure or business this is the best and nearest perfect wilderness you can get apart from Mikumi, Udzungwa, Ruaha and Selous which are also close by.