We are a social enterprise (organization) owned and operated by local young Tanzanians. We manage three businesses and a portion of our profits directly supports our local communities in Kilimanjaro region.


Tumaini Maletho – Head Guide & an Educationalist.

I was a student in the year 2009 and a thought of doing something remarkable for my Moshi community filled my thoughts and got introduced to several community contributing programs that made me think of One Community Tanzania which as a major objective is to unite the local community for its own benefits.


We offer great and quality services for our operations through our well experienced and professional staffs. We make sure all your expectation of lifetime memories from Tanzania are well decorated and spiced up.

We have been in operations for more than 6 years working as tour operators and guides for other older companies until we decided to do it ourselves considering the experiences gained and huge network of friends served from all over the world.

During the high season we serve an average of 9 customers per month and now we are officially striving to increase the number and serve bigger groups of travelers at once.