Tanzania is one of the fast developing countries in Africa. With only 50+ years as a free nation a lot of effort has been put to help, change and develop the base communities. It is in this sense that we are grateful for interns, volunteers, exchange students and experts from all over the world who takes their time to visit and make a difference here. Are you into an ideal local engagement within local farms, villages or towns our make a difference segment in the Tanzanian society might be the experience you are looking for. This involves our medical sectors, educational sectors, business or social involvement. Our team takes care of you from the trip organizing like airport pick up/drop off (excluding air ticketing), sleeping arrangements and first hand involvement to making your involvement effective as possible as well as allocating you to your respective area of work or assistance according to your interest or decision. Anywhere, where there is a warm welcome and a wonderful atmosphere we connect you and vice versa, whatever plan/choice we make together as a team or rather we assist you to make a greater and accountable difference through service provision directly to the community.

We rely on a saying of structuralisms that “all societies regardless of their peculiarities inherently perform the same functions but the difference is in the structures that performs those functions”. We believe that the youths (Tanzanian future generation) are these structures that need to learn to perform better in their societies rather than waiting for a change from others. Through make a difference we can deliver this message to them through engaging them with the volunteers.

50% percent of all our One Community Tanzania project’s profits directly goes to “make a difference” tab then donated directly to the communities according to the needs whether it’s equipment or start up support. One Community music projects act as the fundraising platform while One Community workshop act as the maker of necessary donated equipment or profit making social project to support it.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE runs on three sectors:

  • Medical sector we assist through receiving and allocating medical experts and students to various centers and social medical projects.
  • Educational sector through allocating on different teaching and learning centers providing various kinds of learning structures to varied age groups.
  • Social development projects like NGOs, awareness programs, environmental programs and charity events (concerts) projects.